Protect folders and private data with password !

Frequently asked questions about PoliceFolder.
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PoliceFolder: what for ?
To protect your important folders and private data with password : an essential function that actually does not exist !

For who ?
For all who want to protect their private data like photos, softwares, documents...

Is this compatible with win95/98/me ?
No: it only works with Windows XP/2000/2003

Does it consume many resources ?
Not at all : there is NO residential program in memory running in the background or on the tasktray. It is TOTALLY transparent program that does not take any of your memory RAM resources, disk usage or processor time.

Does it work with limited accounts ?
No: you must be loggon as administartor to access its functionnalites.

I forgot my password... what next ?
Just one solution : uninstall the software !

How can I uninstall it ?
Go to your configuration panel and choose Sarkophage/PoliceFolder program. Enter the password you have choosen at the installation process.

Wyy do I need to choose a password at the installation ?
This password allows to uninstall the software. Without this password anyone could uninstall it easily.

How can I retrieve the password if I forgot it ?
You cannot !

What is the UNPROTECT option for ?
This options allows to unprotect a protected folder for ever.

WHat is the difference between unprotect and open ?
« Unprotect »a folder means that this folder will not be protected any more: anyone can access it.
"Open" option allows to open temporary the folder and gain its access but it will still remain protected for further usage.

Will my folder be encrypted when protecting it with a password?
No: Police Folder does not encrypt your folders.It hides them under Windows and DOS.
There are no anti hacker protectin o. It is a simple way to protect your folders from to 'evil eye' attacks - situations when someone gazes at you computer screen to gain access to your private information.

I cannot protect some folders: WHY ?
Because they are not "REAL" folders but virtual folders, that means folders that do not really exist on your hard drive like "My documents".

Is it FREE ?
No, it is a shareware: you must register it if you want to use it.

How long is the evaluation period ?
10 days after its installation. You can test it during this time. After 10 days expiration, the software will not work any more.

Can I have my money back ?
No : we think 10 days of evaluation period is enough to take a decision if you want to keep it or unistall it.

How can I unprotect a folder if I forgot the password ?
You cannot : you must unistall the softaware.

What about the software updates ?
Registering the software you have 1 year of free updates.

Can I install it on more than one PC ?
No: our licence policy is clear: 1 software = 1 computer = 1 licence.

Please contact us if you are interested in registering more than one licence.



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